[NOTICE] [Introducing a New Legendary Jet: Shadow Eagle]

Hello, admirals!We would like to introduce a brand-new Legendary Jet called the ‘Shadow Eagle’!​■ New Legendary Jet: Shadow Eagle​This Jet is a F-15A/C type and is a fighter that first appeared in 1974. Against all aircrafts, it has strong combative superiority in all situations except against stealth fighters. The fact that the F-15 shot down 101 enemy aircrafts by engaging radar-based BVR (Beyond Visual Range), infrared missiles, and machine guns in WVR (Within Visual Range) combat, proves all!This jet’s superiority is backed by continuous improvement projects such as radar and electronic warfare equipment called MSIP (Multistage Improvement Program) and continuous software upgrades for the latest missile installations. The F-15C MSIP II is still the first to be deployed in air patrol and intercept missions in 2021. Shadow Eagle, the strongest jet in air combat, will be adorned by a special paintjob that resembles an eagle for the F-15C with the F-15C MSIP II upgrade.-StatsA fighter that has been modified to carry air superior, powerful next-generation anti-aircraft missiles that is painted in a new pattern. Furthermore, by using MSIP radar, software upgrades, and infrared missiles, it provides excellent performance in both anti-aircraft and ground combat.​​The difference between the F-15C MSIP II and F-15C is that the latest AIM-9X AND AIM-120 sidewinder missiles can be attached to the jet. By using these features which greatly enhances the anti-aircraft attack, Shadow Eagle can compete with other Legendary class jet.Default Stats when buff effects are at 0.-SkillsSkill 1: Increase Critical Chance & Critical Damage Enhancement up to 80%Skill 2: Increase Evasion, Armor, Speed up to 150%Skill 3: Increase Anti-Ship ATK up to 200%Skill 4: Increase ATK up to 105%​-How to Obtain:1.Purchase packages at Shop: Shadow Eagle Special Pack: Shadow Eagle Supply Box2.Defeat Armada Strike Groups

[NOTICE] [Weekly Maintenance & Updates]

Hello, Admirals!We will be having our weekly maintenance soon. ⏰Maintenance Hours:04.21 @ 13:00 ~ 16:00 UTC  04.20 @ 21:00 ~ 24:00 PDTEVENTS:- JET POWER RANKING EVENT WILL END IN ALL SERVERS- Ship Combat Power Ranking Event will start. Duration: 4/21UTC Start of Maintenance ~ 4/28 UTC Start of Maintenance- 50% Oil reduction consumption when enhancing Aircraft Carrier Module will start. Duration: 4/21 UTC Start of Maintenance ~ 4/28 UTC Start of Maintenance            -Oil spending will decrease by 50% when upgrading Aircraft Carrier Module. NEW:- Addition of a New Jet:  New Legendary Jet: Shadow Eagle> Shadow Eagle blueprints can be obtained from ASG.> New Special Package will be on sale.> Special Package can be purchased from the Battle Support tab after the maintenance on 4/21 UTC until the next maintenance on 5/15 UTC. - Added New Offers: Supply Box> Added a supply box that gives new jet blueprints. : Subscription Offer> Added a new subscription offer that is comprised of 100k Ship XP and key items that are related to ships.  > The deal can be purchased only one time.CHANGES:- The number of claimable World Boss Participation Rewards has changed: You were able to claim 2 [World Boss] Loot Boxes per 1 attack before, for rebalancing purposes, this will be changed to 2 [World Boss] Loot Boxes per 5 attacks.- [Outfit] Commander’s Supply Box II package description has changed: [Outfit] The description shown in the Commander’s Supply Box II which states it is a “Tier 8” will be removed. - An error that recently joined admiral could not be kicked out of the alliance has been fixed.​※ The game will not be accessible during the maintenance.※ You will be able to access the game if the maintenance finishes early.※ Schedule and content are subject to change.Thank you for your understanding and patience!

[[Notice]] [NOTICE] [New Server Added - 1136]

The Beginning of a Complete War Game! Gunship Battle: Total Warfare!​​ Hello, Admirals!This is GM Typhoon of 'Gunship Battle: Total Warfare'To accommodate the growing number of all the new players, a new server has been added!Please read below for the details.■ Details1. Date: 4.16 @ 2:00 AM UTC / 4.15 @ 7:00 PM PDT2. Contents: Server 1136 has been added to the game ※ New accounts will be assigned randomly to any server.※ HQ at level 14 or below can transfer to the new server by using Server Transfer Ticket.※ How to change your server: On the Sea Map > Tap the Compass icon on the lower right corner of the screen > Tap Server icon on the lower left corner of the screenIf you have any other feedback, feel free to leave us your comment!Thank you for playing GBTW!​​

[Event] [Jet Combat Power Ranking event]

​Hello Admirals!This is GM Charles De Gaul of Gunship Battle: Total Warfare!The Jet combat power ranking event is now on going.Please check the ranking details below. ■ List of the Ranking [April 14th PDT]◈ From 1st ~ 100th   ※ This ranking is from April 14th PDT, and the combat power is subject to change depending on gameplay.※ Please note that detailed combat power is not disclosed for competition.​Thank you.

[NOTICE] [Development Note]

Hello Admiral!We are excited to bring you the first in a series of the Total Warfare Development Notes! Let’s begin with an introduction to some of the remarkable Admirals who went above and beyond with their contributions in the World War Tournament Season 3! Fierce Competition. The Final Match The 3rd Season of the World War Tournament brought with it the all-new 3-Tiered bracket system. Arranging players from servers that would offer the best levels of competition available and outfitting our Admirals and their respective Alliances to literally, go to war.More Admirals, no limits on combat power, and some amazingly off-the-cuff strategies were seen applied in some amazingly epic battles!   ■ Final MatchThe breakdown of World War Season 3As the numbers for each server demonstrate, Groups A, B and C engaged in fierce combat.With Server 1076 and 1089 leading the charge, Group C brought results that out-performed the expectations. Specifically, this battle posted numbers that were two or even three times that of what the other groups were able to post, which is remarkable! In the case of Group B, where Servers 1053 and 1087 went head-to-head, the battle outcome was unpredictable. Both Severs went to war! They exchanged going back and forth, exchanging victories until the very end. When the smoke cleared, it was hard to decipher who the winner of the battle was. However, after a tireless exchange, Server 1053 took home the glorious victory. Group A had the attention of players from around the globe before the match ever started. Servers 2004 and 2008 are both home to some of the strongest Admirals and Alliances to date. That means that this fight victory was going to be massive, and extraordinarily hard to predict.   The final match of Group A was fierce, both sides indomitable, and absolutely savage. But, in the end, Server 2004 was able to out strategize their opponents, capture the tower, and win the battle against Server 2008. ■ Number of battles each server took.-Below are the number of fights representing each battle type: Ordinary Battle/Rally Battle/Rally Base Occupation Battle that took place during each, defined server war.  ■ Final ResultDue to sheer number of contestants taking part in the large-scale battles, we had a number of latency issues, intermittent lag spikes and some other anomalies brought to our attention during some battles.Though these issues didn’t impact all contestants, we are aware of just how frustrating these issues can be, especially in a competitive environment. That said, we were able to see how this content affected some players, and we were able to gather data and perspective, applying this knowledge to future content and tournament efforts. We want to do our best to ensure that the next Season of the World War Tournament will be stable and reflect your power and strategies at 100%. World War Season 3 Final MOM!These Admirals from Group A and Group B were selected as MOM for Season 3. Even though they came in at 2nd place overall, their contributions were over the top, showing how fiercely dedicated they were to the war effort.  We cannot tell you how excited we are to watching all our Admirals enjoy the World War Tournament content that we produce. We are so grateful for the dedication, drive, and passion that our players poured into this Tournament. We would like to thank each and every Admiral that participated in WWT Season 3 as well as those who were supporting and watching the tournament unfold. As a sign of appreciation, we would like to send the items listed below to the Admirals who participated in WWT Season 3 as well as to those who had supported the participants. We will do our best to bring bigger and better, enjoyable content to you Admirals. Keep your eyes on the sky… the next season of the World War Tournament is just beyond the horizon.  [Season 3 Tournament Appreciation Reward]: Rewards for everyone- 5-minute boosts x 200- 1M Resource Supply Box x 5- 200 Stamina [Season 3 Tournament champions & 2nd place winners Appreciation Reward]: 2nd place and above of Group A, B and C (6 Alliances) will be rewarded- World War Supply Box x 20- Commander’s supply box x 50  That’s all the news we have for now, but we will continue to share the results at the conclusion of each World War Tournament to keep all of our players posted, and shout out to the Alliances, Admirals and pay our respect to the great plays, strategies and achievements you’ve all worked so hard to achieve!   Thank you.  ​

[NOTICE] [Server Merge]

Hello, Admirals!This is GM Typhoon of 'Gunship Battle: Total Warfare' We would like to announce to you that we are going to merge servers. Please read the details below for you to join the new battlefield. ■Details1. Period: 4/21 UTC (4/20 PDT)2. Affected Servers:   [Server 1058 + Server 2024] = [Server 2043][Server 1095 + Server 1098] = [Server 2044]​3. Detail contents:- Base relocation: The base will be relocated randomly once you log-in.: We will give you the Base Relocation Ticket (Select) for you to move your base where you want. - City conquest: The city conquest will be held the same as before until the servers merged.: The state of all the cities will be changed into vacancies once the servers have been merged.: The buff coming from the city will be removed. - The base of operation conquest, World War: The Merged server will not available to join the World War from April 23 PDT to April 24 PDT.: The state of the Base of Operation will be changed into a vacancy.: The buff coming from the Base of Operation or the buff related to the World War will be removed.: If one of the merging server has a status of defeated during the World War,The status of the defeated will be removed.: If one of the merging server were governing another server,The server governed by the merging server will be removed from the defeated status. - Alliance: All the buildings will be collected once the servers have merged, but the points that you spent on the buildings will be given for you to rebuild your buildings.: The name of the alliance will not be changed.: Details below will not be changed.> Alliance Research.> Alliance Building> Amount of Alliance Research Supported and Alliance Building Supported.> The number of resources in the alliance depot. - Ships / Aircraft Carrier/ Jets Auto return: The deployed aircraft carrier will be automatically returned.: Collecting resources, Supported fleet, Battling, etc. fleets will be automatically returned.: The jets deployed for the airstrike will be returned. - Battle: All the battle reports will be deleted.: Bookmarked coordinates will be reset. - Chat: The all the contents of All chat will be reset. - Trade City: All the Trade Info of all cities will be reset. - Others: The status of ongoing upgrades, research, build, etc. will remain the same.: Daily Event> The points obtained before the server merged will be applied to the new server.  ※ The merging date and the contents are subject to change.※ The mails will be kept except the battle report, but we recommend you to claim all the items from the mail for the safety.Thank you.​

[NOTICE] [Weekly Maintenance & Updates]

​  Hello, Admirals! We will be having our weekly maintenance soon.   ⏰Maintenance Hours: 04.14 @ 05:00 ~ 07:00 UTC/   04.13 @ 22:00 ~​ 24:00 PDT     Content: 1) Jet Combat Power Ranking Event {4/13 Maintenance PDT ~ 4/20 Maintenance PDT}   2) Increased Server Invasion Participants : The number of wild card admirals have been increased from 3 to 13 depending on the server opening date. : The number of admirals that can invade into the other server simultaneously has been adjusted.   Before After         Server History  NO. of Wild Card Admiral  Server History  NO. of Wild Card Admirals     ~90 days 4 ~120 days 20   ~120 days 5 ~150 days 25   ~150 days 6 Above 151 days 30   ~180 days 7       ~210 days 8       ~240 days 9       Above 240 days 21           3) Fixed a display error on the list of alliance members where the Admiral's name didn’t show up correctly : The error in which an Admiral’s former name would be displayed in the list of alliance members (even after changing their name) is now fixed.   4) New Shop Items   ​: End of Ship Special Offer    > [Limited Pack] Seawolf Class Mod 1 and Daring ship package sale has ended. > A new ship special offer is added.   : Battle Support    > Growth pack for increasing the strength of ships and jets has been added.    : Subscription Supply    > I~II Special Supply Box package including Resource Selection Supply Box has been added. ​    : Mission Shop    > New Mission Shop products for upgrading Jets and Aircraft Carriers has been added.   ※ The game will not be accessible during the maintenance. ※ You will be able to access the game if the maintenance finishes early. ※ Schedule and content are subject to change.   Thank you for your understanding and patience!

[NOTICE] [Weekly Maintenance & Updates]

​  Hello, Admirals! We will be having our weekly maintenance soon.   ⏰Maintenance Hours: 04.07 @ 05:00 ~ 07:00 UTC /  04.06 @ 22:00 ~​ 24:00 PDT     Content: 1) Battle Pass - Season 9 will begin. : New quests will be added : New skins for Season 9 will be added : When the Battle Pass is reset, 3 types of skin rewards will be replaced with ‘Advanced Equipment Destruction Protection’ and ‘Equipment Destruction Protection.  ​   2) Spring Events will end.   3) Server Transfer Event will end.   4) Improved (Olivia’s) Announcements for ‘equipment upgrade success​​​’. : Equipment upgrade success notification will now be shown in your own server from +10 and in all the other servers from +11 (excluding accessories). : Accessory upgrade success notification will now be shown in your own server from +4 and in all the other servers from +5 (including 2nd anniversary equipment)   5) Changed the 'Construction Robot' skill description in the Intelligence Agency​. ​: From 'Decrease construction time by XX%' to 'Increase construction speed by XX%'.​   6) New Equipment​ : Added new accessory equipment 'Commando's CCUBA'. 7) New Shop Items​  : Battle Support & Supply Box    > Added New Supply box and limited pack that allows you to obtain the materials to craft the Commando's CCUBA.​  : Subscription Supply​    > Added Jet Special Supply II that allows you to upgrade Jets.    : Mileage ​​   > Added Advanced Upgrade Catalyst to the Mileage Shop.   ※ The game will not be accessible during the maintenance. ※ You will be able to access the game if the maintenance finishes early. ※ Schedule and content are subject to change.   Thank you for your understanding and patience!      ​  ​

[NOTICE] [Regarding the Damage Ranking and Elite Ranking errors]

The Beginning of a Complete War Game! Gunship Battle: Total Warfare!Hello, Admirals!We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.In some servers, errors have been found in the damage ranking and elite rankings when proceeding with the World Boss. Please refer to the following for details. [Affected servers]: 1029, 1067, 1073, 2004, 2008, 2021, 2033 servers -World boss damage rankings and elite rankings are shown as rankings before the update one. [Affected Servers]: All servers -World boss reward ranking and elite ranking are displayed incorrectly-An error in which the number of successful attacks of some users is displayed as 0 in the elite ranking-An error in which the individual ranking of the World Boss and the ranking at the list are displayed differently in the Elite ranking.Regardless of these error​s, the mailed ranking and rewards are normal, and we will try to correct the errors as soon as possible.Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience, and we will do our best to provide a stable game environment.Thank you.

[NOTICE] [Customer Center Maintenance]

The Beginning of a Complete War Game! Gunship Battle: Total Warfare! Hello, Admirals!We would like to announce to you that we will be having weekly maintenance.Please check the details below. ■ Details 1. Period: 03.30 @ 11:00 ~ 13:00 UTC / 03.30 @ 04:00 ~​ 06:00 PDT 2. Contents- Customer center maintenance​​※ Inquiries cannot be received during the customer center maintenance.※ The customer center maintenance schedule is subject to change, and if there is any change, we will inform you through this notice.Thank you for your understanding and patience!