[NOTICE] New Server Added - 1174

​Hello, Admirals!To accommodate the growing number of all the new players, a new server has been added!Please read below for the details.⏱ Schedule: September 24th, 00:00 PDT / September 24th​, 07:00 UTC​🔍Details: Server 1174 has been added to the game.※ New accounts will be assigned randomly to any server.※ HQ at level 14 or below can transfer to the new server by using Server Transfer Ticket.※ How to change your server: On the Sea Map > Tap the 'View More' on the lower right corner of the screen > Tap 'Server List' on the lower left corner of the screen​​Thank you.​

[NOTICE] Weekly Maintenance & Updates *Completed

Hello, Admirals!     We will be having our weekly maintenance soon.    ⏰𝐌𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐇𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐬:    *Completed​September 22nd, 22:00 ~ 00:00 PDT  September 23rd, 05:00 ~ 07:00 UTC       🔍 Details:    - The Beginning of WWT 4.5: War of the Factions!  [Link:] - Triple Ship XP Event will begin from 9/22 PDT (9/23 UTC) to 9/28 PDT (9/29 UTC).    : Obtain Triple Ship XP when defeating the Armada Fleet. - Added New Collection System List : [Increases All Ship Armor] buff will be added to the Medal Collection System.  : [Counter Defense T.F Badge] item will be added to the Shop.  - The World War Occupation Points required will be reduced from 50,000 points to 45,000 points for the War of the Factions. 🔍 New Package    - Weekly Special    : A new package that contains a new Medal item and items needed for Ship growth and Research has been added.: The [Emergency War Support] package that contains key items needed for Unit upgrade has been added.: The sale of [Destruction Prevention Pack] has ended. - Subscription Supply    : Added Subscription Supply product to gain higher chance of obtaining Jet Supply Boxes for Shadow Eagle and KF-21 Boramae. - Battle Support : The purchase limit for the [D&A Instructions Pack] has been changed. (From 10 times to Unlimited)      ​※ If the Armada Blitz Defense does not end before the maintenance begins, the cooldown time may not reset. If the cooldown time does not reset during maintenance, the [Armada Blitz Defense Cooldown Time Reset] item will not be given.  ※ You can access the game sooner once the maintenance finishes earlier.   ※ The game will not be accessible during the maintenance period.   ※ The schedule and content of the maintenance is subject to change, and we will notify you via notice board.       Thank you.  ​

[NOTICE] The Beginning of WWT 4.5: War of the Factions!

​Hello, Admirals!The new Tournament Event match, [WWT 4.5: War of the Factions] will begin on September 24th, 2021 PDT (September 25th, 2021 UTC)! Please read below for details:■ What is WWT 4.5: War of the Factions?- This is a competition event that takes place ahead of the official World War Tournament Season 5, where servers, separated into three Factions, battle it out in a new, inclusive format, for some awesome prizes.- After each round, Occupation Points obtained from each battle will be tabulated.  The team with the highest cumulative Occupation Points after the 4th and final round, will win.- War of the Factions will be hosted in a 1:1:1 tournament, one server per each of the 3 factions. The first Faction to achieve 45,000 Occupation Points will win. - The Faction assignment for each server will be announced later. (All other servers will be randomly assigned, group tiers will be based on the server’s Combat Power.)■ What is a Faction?- There will be 3 factions: Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie. Each faction will be made up of 20 servers.The servers that will participate in the 'Faction War' are as follows. Server List 1029 2004 1032 2008 1053 2009 1057 2014 1067 2016 1069 2019 1073 2021 1076 2030 1078 2031 1085 2032 1086 2033 1089 2034 1090 2035 1091 2036 1092 2038 1093 2039 1096 2040 1097 2042 1099 2043 1100 2044 1101 2045 1102 2046 1105 2047 1106 2048 1109 2049 1110 2050 1113 2051 1116 2055 1117 2057 1118   1119   ※ 60 servers were selected based on the server creation date.•Each server's faction assignment will be evenly distributed based on the server's Combat Power. We have classified the Groups based on the Server’s Combat Power as follows. Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 1029 1069 1057 1096 1085 1032 1086 1073 1101 1091 1053 1090 1097 1102 1093 1067 1092 1100 1106 1109 1076 1099 1105 1110 1113 1078 2009 2004 1117 1116 1089 2030 2014 2016 1118 2008 2031 2034 2021 1119 2019 2032 2042 2038 2048 2033 2036 2044 2039 2049 2035 2040 2046 2043 2050 2055 2045 2047 2051 2057 - This reflects the Server’s Combat Power, Level distribution, and participation in World War.- Within each Group, Servers will be randomly assigned into one of the three factions: Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie.- Battle matching for each round will also be made between servers within the same Group tier against the other factions. *You will not contend against Groups in higher/lower tiers. ■ War of the Factions- Points• Examples of acquiring Occupation Points from the War of Factions each round:- 3 servers within 1 Group: Server 101, Server 201, and Server301) - Server 101 successfully occupied Server 201 and 301, winning total of 90,000 pts (45,000 points per server).- Even though Server 201 did not win this match, they were able to acquire 10,000 points from Server 101 and 40,000 points from Server 301, getting total of 50,000 points Occupation Points.- Because Server 301 did not participate in the WWT, they acquired no Occupation Points.Example) Factions Alpha - Server 101 Bravo - Server 201 Charlie - Server 301 Alpha - Server 101 - 45,000 points (Win) 45,000 points (Win) Bravo - Server 201 10,000 points - 40,000 points Charlie - Server 301 0 point 0 point - # Round 1 result Alpha Bravo Charlie Total Points Total Points Total Points 90,000 Points 50,000 Points 0 Point ■ Rewards1. Rewards will be distributed according to the number of servers occupied. Ex.) If one server successfully occupies two servers, the rewards will double.2. The Faction with the highest Occupation Points at the end of the tournament wins. The final reward will be awarded to all servers within the winning Faction. - The Portrait Skin and special rewards will be provided as prizes to commemorate the victors of the War of Factions!■ Terms and Conditions for Rewards1. Each Round Reward: Up to 75 players who participated in the War of Factions (including the mercenary admirals) will be rewarded.2. Final Winner Reward: 75 players who participated in all rounds (total of 4 rounds) will be rewarded(If an Admiral does not participate in all rounds, they will be excluded from receiving the reward.)Other detailed rewards will be announced later.■ War of Factions Schedule Round Schedule Round 1 September 24th PDT (September 25th UTC) Round 2 October 8th PDT (October 9th UTC) Round 3 October 22nd PDT (October 23rd UTC) Round 4 November 5th PDT (November 6th UTC) Thank you!​

[NOTICE] New Server Added - 1173

​Hello, Admirals!To accommodate the growing number of all the new players, a new server has been added!Please read below for the details.⏱ Schedule: September 16th, 18:00 PDT / September 17th​, 01:00 UTC​🔍Details: Server 1173 has been added to the game.※ New accounts will be assigned randomly to any server.※ HQ at level 14 or below can transfer to the new server by using Server Transfer Ticket.※ How to change your server: On the Sea Map > Tap the 'View More' on the lower right corner of the screen > Tap 'Server List' on the lower left corner of the screen​​Thank you.​

Pre-announcement on Revisions to the Mobile Privacy Policy

​Hello, Admirals!The Mobile Privacy Policy will be revised as follows:Please refer to the following information in order to avoid any future inconvenience in using the service. Pre-announcement on Revisions to the Mobile Privacy Policy 1. Revision Target: Mobile Privacy Policy 2. Revision Date & Time: 2021/09/24, 02:00 (UTC)3. Revision Details CategoryRemarksDetails 9. YOUR RIGHTS> 9.1. General rights> Right to be forgotten  ClauseAdded The deletion of personal information can be processed through our customer center (1:1 inquiry), or by selecting to cancel the membership or delete the account from the in-game menu. However, if personal information is destroyed in such ways, related information generated and accumulated while using the company's game service may be destroyed as well.4. Raising Objections and/or Questions - If you have any questions regarding the revised Mobile Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact our customer center. - Should you disagree with the revised Mobile Privacy Policy, you can request membership withdrawal.We will always strive to provide you with the best services.Thank you​

[NOTICE] New Server Added - 1172

​Hello, Admirals!To accommodate the growing number of all the new players, a new server has been added!Please read below for the details.⏱ Schedule: September 15th​, 01:00 PDT / September 15th​, 08:00 UTC​🔍Details: Server 1172 has been added to the game.※ New accounts will be assigned randomly to any server.※ HQ at level 14 or below can transfer to the new server by using Server Transfer Ticket.※ How to change your server: On the Sea Map > Tap the 'View More' on the lower right corner of the screen > Tap 'Server List' on the lower left corner of the screen​Thank you.​

[NOTICE] New Legendary Jet: YF-23

Hello, Admirals!  Coming in hot is our brand-new Legendary Jet!  ■ YF-23 Introducing the YF-23, the revolutionary, classified prototype jet that boasts the strongest stealth technology and performance to date. The YF-23 is a stealth fighter that competed with the YF-22 in the U.S. Air Force's next Advanced Tactical Fighters (ATF) Development Program.  The jet excelled in long-distance, high-speed flight capability, radar detection rate, and air maneuverability. The remarkable fuselage, material and structure was intended to make the YF-23 difficult to detect by radar and other detection methods. The engine thrust is located above the fuselage and the airframe is integrated with a vertical and horizontal tail assembly, resulting in a smaller radar reflective area.The YF-23 can remain undetected by radar and/or infrared detection which is why it got its nickname the 'Grey Ghost'. The jet performs its primary mission as an air superiority fighter armed with an assortment of multi-function ballistic weaponry.With the new stats and skills, the YF-23 shows its true value when attacking aircraft carriers. With the effect the exclusive stat [Extra Damage Against Carriers] and Skill III [Specialized in Aircraft Carrier Air Strikes], inflicting massive damage to Aircraft Carriers. (Content shown may differ from actual in-game play.) - Stats – A state-of-the-art, covert stealth machine is optimized for attacking the enemy's air defense network with the highest level of RCS. The “Gray Ghost” possesses superior stealth ability and shape, and it’s able to pierce enemy air defenses and strike targets. These are the stats for YF-23 at Lv 20 (when the buff effect is 0). - Skills – Skill 1 (Unlock Jet level 5): Increase Armor, Durability, and Operational Range Enhancement 7.5 to 150% Skill 2 (Unlock Jet level 10): Increase Anti-Air ATK Enhancement 10 to 200% Skill 3 (Unlock Jet level 15): Increase the jet’s damage against Aircraft Carriers on Air Strikes 1000% to 8000% Skill 4 (Unlock Jet level 20): Increase ATK 10 to 105% - How to obtain - : Armada Strike Group Reward : Shop Thank you ​

[NOTICE] Weekly Maintenance & Updates *Completed

​Hello, Admirals!We will be having our weekly maintenance and updates soon. ⏰Schedule: *Completed​September 14th, 18:00 ~ 22:00 PDT  September 15th, 01:00 ~ 05:00 UTC  ※ The maintenance may start earlier or later than the scheduled time depending on the speed of distribution. ■ App Market distribution The Play Store & App Store & One Store updates will be released in advance on September 14th, 13:00 PDT (20:00 UTC) so that all Admirals can access smoothly. ※ If you download the update before the distribution starts, you won’t be able to access the game until the maintenance ends. ※ We recommend that you do not download the new version before the maintenance starts and please deactivate the auto update feature.  ※ An attack limitation will be applied to all Admirals from on September 14th, 13:00 PDT (20:00 UTC) until the maintenance ends. > With this limit in place, players cannot attack the bases and aircraft carriers of other Admirals. 🔍 Details: [New] - Rookie Pass : You can check the Rookie Pass in the “Event” menu. : The Rookie Pass consists of Daily Missions and Challenges and will be available for 7 days after a new Admiral is created.   : Rewards can be obtained from various missions on the Rookie Pass. If you purchase the Premium Pass, more rewards will be awarded. ​- Armada Sub Force: Detect the Armada Sub Force near your base and Rally with your Alliance members. : The detected Armada Sub Force will randomly appear for a certain period of time, so attack them as soon as they surface above the water. ※If the Armada Sub Force has been detected and is visible above water, they cannot be redetected. ※There is a weekly limit for each unit of the Armada Sub Force. : You can use the [Detection Sonobuoy] from the Radar and your Inventory to detect the Armada Sub Force.​: You can obtain the [Detection Sonobuoy] item when attacking the Armada Fleet/Interceptor Squadron/Armada Base/Royal Armada Base. Each [Detection Sonobuoy] can only be used during the event period, and it will be deleted once the event ends. : There are three types of Sub units (Armada Sub Force, Special Armada Sub Force, and Royal Armada Sub Force). There is a [Detection Sonobuoy] that will be classified for each unit for its detection. If the max amount of set rewards have been claimed for each unit, you will not be able to participate or acquire any more rewards until the next reset.- Global Notification function : There will be a server wide notice via the server chat when a specific level has been reached for your HQ or Units. - Upon reaching HQ level 32 - Upon reaching level 60 of the Nansen/Zumwalt-class Ships - Upon reaching level 5 of the Elizabeth/Nimitz Aircraft Carrier ​- Added Ship name reset function : The option to reset a Ship’s name to its default name has been added. : If you click the 'Change Name' button without entering text in the Change Name pop-up, the default name will automatically apply. - Added the Alliance Recommendation System : A pop-up window will appear and recommend an Alliance for Admirals not in an Alliance.: The Alliance recommendation pop-up will appear only if you are above level 5 and not a part of an Alliance. You will be able to join the Alliance immediately by pressing the ‘Alliance Join’ button or visit the Alliance information page by pressing the ‘Alliance Information’ button from the recommendation pop-up window.- Added Permanent Construction Slot item: A Product that allows you unlimited use of the Extra Construction Slot will be added. 1. The ‘Permanent Construction Slot Pack for sale’ button will appear below the Construction Slot information pop-up if you don’t have enough construction time.  The item is also accessible by simply tapping the Extra Construction Slot.   2. Click on the Permanent Construction Slot Pack image to access the pop-up shop. 3. The Extra Construction Slot will be changed to a Permanent Construction Slot upon purchase of the item. Upon doing so, the icon will also change. ​- Added New Collection System List 1. Special Jet Collection System: [Increase Jet Anti-Air ATK] buff will be added to the Jet Collection System. 2. Medal Collection System : [Increases Jet Anti-Ship ATK] buff will be added to the Medal Collection System. : The new Medal [Tactical Instructor Medal] item will be added to the Shop. 3. [Event] Medal Collection System (Exchange event/Period system) : You can obtain the [Captain Inauguration Plaque] Medal item through the exchange event, and the [Increases Aircraft Carrier Durability] buff will be applied until October 13th (UTC) when it’s registered to the Medal Collection System. ​[Improvements] - Renewed New Server Combat Power Ranking Event Reward : The number of Elizabeth blueprints from the existing rewards will be given accordingly for each ranking section. (Other rewards are the same as the existing rewards) ※The new server Combat Power Ranking Event prior to this update will be given the same as the existing rewards, and the new server after the update will be given as renewed rewards. - Improved Translation System : The in-game translation system will be improved so that it can be translated into the language that you prefer. 1. Translate into system language: Translate into the language used in the system. (Preferences) 2. Translate into the selected language: It will be translated into the language you choose. [Changes] - Added Unit Split Repair Function : Your units can be repaired separately by designating it into categories of Ships/Jets/ AFVs when repairing the unit. : Repair Boosts can be utilized the same way. ​- Daily Missions Revamp : You can obtain points by clearing Daily Missions. : You can directly purchase desired items with the points that you’ve earned. : The Daily Mission shop and points will reset once a day. : The obtainable points can increase up to three times by watching ads and through additional purchases. (Advertisement lasts 2 hours / additional purchases lasts 28 days.)  ​- Admiral level up, HQ level up, and First Kill UI will be improved.​[Shop] : Weekly Special > [YF-23 Deploy Pack] has been added! Obtain necessary items for upgrading the new Jet 'YF-23' and a new medal item.  : Mission Shop > New Mission Shop for Aircraft Carrier & Ship Growth will be open.​: Pop-up Shop (limited to one purchase)​> A [Limited-time YF-23 Pack] containing a YF-23 Supply Box will be added. > [Limited Time Construction Prime Pack] will be added. Purchase items needed for construction at a rock-bottom price. > Added a package that includes items needed for Aircraft Carrier upgrade. This exclusive package will be added on Monday and has a 1-day purchase limit. > Added a package that includes Ship XP(100K) and Advanced Ship Blueprint. This exclusive package will be added on Tuesday and has a 1-day purchase limit. > Added a package that guarantees the YF-23 Supply Box and Legendary Jet Blueprint (x180). This exclusive package will be added on Wednesday and has a 1-day purchase limit.​[Event] - [Mid-Autumn Festival Lucky Gift Event] will begin. Duration:  [Purchasable date: 9/14 PDT (9/15 UTC) to 9/21 18:00 PDT (9/22 01:00 UTC)] [Obtainable date: 9/14 PDT (9/15 UTC) to 9/28 PDT (9/29 UTC)] : You can obtain rewards by touching the event icon in the Subscription Supply list.  : Rewards can be obtained sequentially every day.   (ex. Only Day 1 and 2 rewards can be obtained when accessing the game on the 1st or 3rd day)  : You can obtain the following rewards with 1 Gem! : You can purchase it until 9/21 18:00 PDT (9/22 01:00 UTC), and you can obtain before 9/28 PDT (9/29 UTC).: Unreceived rewards can no longer be obtained after 9/28 PDT (9/29 UTC) and [Mid-Autumn Festival Lucky Gift Event] will be removed from the [Subscription Supply]. ​ DAYRewardsQTY1Boost (5m)200Construction Boost (5m)100Stamina (1K)12Shadow Eagle Supply Box110Construction Boost (5m)100Stamina (1K)13Advanced Medal of Merit Supply Box25Construction Boost (5m)100Stamina (1K)14F-14 TIGER Supply Box110Construction Boost (5m)100Stamina (1K)15Ship XP Supply Box50Construction Boost (5m)100Stamina (1K)16F-4 BlackWolf Supply Box110Construction Boost (5m)100Stamina (1K)17Gem500Construction Boost (5m)100Stamina (1K)1- [Double Ship XP Event] will begin from 9/14 PDT (9/15 UTC) to 9/22 PDT (9/23 UTC).   : All Ships can obtain double XP during the Event period. - All Grades Jet Upgrade Plus Success Rate UP! Event] will begin from 9/14 PDT (9/15 UTC) to 9/22 PDT (9/23 UTC).   : Increases success rate for Jet Upgrade Plus (all grades)   ※ Mirage F1 is not included for this event.  Jet Upgrade Success Chance Rate⇒Jet Upgrade Success Chance Rate (Event)LevelNormalRareEpicLegendaryLevelNormalRareEpicLegendary1195.00%85.00%80.00%70.00%11100.00%93.50%88.00%77.00%1290.00%80.00%70.00%55.00%12100.00%92.00%80.50%66.00%1385.00%80.00%70.00%40.00%13100.00%92.00%80.50%52.00%1480.00%75.00%65.00%25.00%14100.00%90.00%78.00%35.00%1575.00%65.00%50.00%15.00%1597.50%78.00%62.50%22.50%1685.00%70.00%60.00%30.00%16100.00%80.50%66.00%33.00%1780.00%70.00%60.00%25.00%1796.00%77.00%66.00%30.00%1875.00%65.00%55.00%20.00%1893.75%74.75%66.00%26.00%1975.00%65.00%55.00%15.00%1993.75%74.75%66.00%21.00%2070.00%60.00%45.00%8.00%2091.00%72.00%60.75%12.00%- [Oktoberfest! Exchange Event] will begin from 9/14 PDT (9/15 UTC) to 9/28 PDT (9/29 UTC).  : You can obtain [Pretzel] items from defeating the Armada.  MissionRequired StaminaObtainable PretzelDefeat Armada Fleet52Defeat Interceptor Squadron54Defeat Armada Base106Defeat Royal Armada Base107: You can exchange the [Pretzel] items with various Rewards  ItemsOne-Time ExchangeMaximum Number of ExchangesRequired PretzelMedal (Increases Aircraft Carrier Durability)110300Random Legendary Jet Skill Core Box310300Elizabeth Blueprint152000Nimitz Blueprint133000Gold10030200Boost (5m)403020Construction Boost (5m)303020Medal of Meri30103001st Class Ship Blueprint1010300D&A Instruction510300Ship XP (All) (100K)1010300Legendary Jet Blueprint Box510300Exchange Event Random Resource Box199991Hyperpolymer103080- The Golden Armada Strike Group Event will begin from 9/14 PDT (9/15 UTC) to 9/28 PDT (9/29 UTC).   : The Golden Armada Strike Group will only appear during the event period.  : You can obtain [Gold] from defeating the Golden Armada Strike Group. : There is a chance to obtain [D&A Instructions] from the Loot Box, which is given as the Attack & Defense Success Reward of the Golden Armada Strike Group. : The Golden Armada Strike Group Detection Cooldown is separate from the normal Armada Strike Group Detection Cooldown. : Cooldown Reset item can’t be used for the Golden Armada Strike Group.  [Improvement & Bug Fix]  - Sailing Boost has been improved to enable continuous use by holding the sailing boost button.  - A visual error where the Interceptor Squadron was not visible when pressing the Jet slot to attack them has been fixed.  - The Resource Collection Report marking(?) has been improved.  - A visual error where the screen does not move when you tap “Supporting” after tapping the returning fleet has been fixed.  - The visual error where the Armada Fleet does not disappear from the Sea Map even after its timeout has been fixed.  - The visual error where the Chat Notification UI disappears when logging in for the first time has been fixed.  - The damage effect of the Armada Strike Group has been improved.  - Emojis will now appear in the Sea Map the same way as it does in the chat.  - The issue where the 'N' mark appears in the CSG Reserves UI when reconnecting to the game has been fixed.  - Even if you are not a Rally participant, the Rally information will be updated when you are viewing the Rally details screen.  - The Admiral's name will now appear when the Base of Operation Buff and Disciplinary Order are removed. - The visual error where 'no text' has been displayed in the Research list at the bottom of the pop-up window has been fixed  - When placing the Alliance Base and the Forward Base, the placement will be outlined by a dotted line.  - You can now move Servers even when the Invasion Shop is open 1 hour after the Server Invasion ends. (During the Server Transfer Event)  - The Jet Build Page UI has been improved. (●> the number notation)  - A Notification mail has been added to notify you when the Collection System period buff ends.  - A visual error where the Aircraft Carrier paint was incorrectly shown after a re-login has been fixed.  - An issue where the deal meter and Rally icon would remain in certain situations has been fixed.  - The issue where the tax was given immediately after the end of World War has been fixed.   Thank you ​​

[NOTICE] Development Note from Olivia! - September

​Hello, Admirals!We’d like to take the time to share some news about upcoming content that we are really excited about – Armada Sub Force, Rookie Pass, a new Jet, and so much more! ​■ Rookie Pass The all-new Rookie Pass will be available for 7 days once released, consisting of Daily Missions and Challenges that function very similarly to the Battle Pass.  New Admirals will be able to obtain some great rewards from various missions, along with a premium pass where many benefits can be found. So please stay tuned!  Also, the benefits listed below for our new Admirals will be reorganized. - The Combat Power Ranking Event Rewards for the new Admirals will be reorganized. (Applied to new server) - The 2nd Combat Power Ranking Event for the new server players will be open. ■ Armada Sub Force There are three categories for the Armada Sub Force encounters: [Armada Sub Force], [Armada Sub Special Force], and [Royal Armada Sub]. You need to detect the Armada Sub Force that is hiding near your base. Once successfully detected, you will need to Rally with your Alliance members to defeat them.  ■ Daily Mission Revamp The Daily Mission page will be totally overhauled in the form of a Point Shop.  You can obtain points when you complete each Daily Missions. You can directly purchase desired items with the points that you’ve earned.  The Daily Mission shop will reset once a day.  The number of points obtained can increase up to three times via watching an advertisement or additional purchases.   ■ New Feature: Send in your feedback! We will add additional functions where you can send feedback directly to our team in-game.If interested, please share your thoughts via the new Share Opinion function, where we can be reached with ease. Though we cannot promise to respond to each submission directly, as we will be received quite a bit, we can promise that each and everysubmission will be read, and we will do our best to make Gunship Battle: Total Warfare a great game that every Admiral can enjoy.  ■ Other Improvements We are also preparing improvements in the following areas based on the feedback that we received from our Admirals:   - Unit Split Repair will be added. : You can now repair each unit separately by selecting them individually. - The Global Notification will be added when HQ reaches level 32, Nansen/Zumwalt Class Ships reach level 60, and Elizabeth/Nimitz Aircraft Carrier reaches level 5. - There will be an improvement on the in-game translation system. In-game translation was done according to a device's corresponding language. You may now use the translation system by manually selecting a language.​- The option to undo the Ship's name will be added. - An Alliance Recommendation System will be added. We sincerely appreciate every one of you Admirals, your feedback, dedication, and the love you all show for Gunship Battle Total Warfare. That said, always continue to send us your feedback! Thank you.  ※Contents and schedule are subject to change. ​

[NOTICE] New Server Added - 1171

​Hello, Admirals!To accommodate the growing number of all the new players, a new server has been added!Please read below for the details.⏱ Schedule: September 9th, 18:00 PDT / September 10th​, 01:00 UTC​🔍Details: Server 1171 has been added to the game.※ New accounts will be assigned randomly to any server.※ HQ at level 14 or below can transfer to the new server by using Server Transfer Ticket.※ How to change your server: On the Sea Map > Tap the 'View More' on the lower right corner of the screen > Tap 'Server List' on the lower left corner of the screen​​Thank you.​