[NOTICE] Schedule Notice

Hello, Admirals!This is GM Nana of Gunship Battle: Total Warfare.We would like to inform you the schedule of the base of operation conquest and world war.Please check the detail below[Detail]■ Base of Operation Conquest Sch.1. Recruitment Period: - Wed. @ 17:00 ~ Thur. @ 05:00 PDT - Thur. @ Midnight ~ @ 12:00 UTC2. Preparation Period: - Thur. @ 05:00 ~ @ 08:00 PDT - Thur. @ 12:00 ~ @ 15:00 UTC3. Start & End Period: - Thur. @ 08:00 ~ Fri. @ 08:00 PDT - Thur. @ 15:00 ~ Fri. @ 15:00 UTC■ World War Sch.1. Preparation Period: - Thur. @ 05:00 ~ @ 17:00 PDT - Thur. @ 12:00 ~ Fri. @ Midnight UTC2. Start & End Period: - Thur. @ 17:00 ~ Sat. @ 17:00 PDT - Fri. @ Midnight ~ Sun. @ Midnight UTC※ The base of operation conquest and the world war will proceed every other weekThank you!

[NOTICE] Tips for World War!

Hello, Admirals!This is GM NanaWe want to give you some tips for World WarPlease check the detail below■ Tips for World War! Here is the restriction and notice of world war.Please check the following restriction.TIP.1 Transfer through the base of operation!: You can transfer to the other server through the base of operation during the world war.: The group of the servers can transfer to other server whenever they want.TIP.2 Need to come back!: A server’s admirals can’t transfer to C server after they transferred to B server.: A server’s admirals need to return to own server first then they can transfer to C server.TIP.3 Be prepare!: During the world war, the base of operation conquest buffs will be deactivated.: The city conquest buffs will be deactivated when you transfer to the other server.: Building units, upgrading, and collecting resource have to be completed before you transfer to the other server.  Of course, it is the same with when you are back to own server.TIP.4 Find good place!: Your base will be located randomly when you transfer to the other server.: It is important to find a good place to deploy AC and resupply AFV. : Only AC can be deployed in the central sea.: Base cannot be attacked.: In the sea map, activity will be restricted except resupply AFV during the world war.TIP.5 Etc : After 1 hour of world war is ended, AC which is located in the central sea will be returned to the base automatically.   However, you have to return your base after world war is ended because the base will not be returned automatically. : All activities of Typhoon, Gale, and daily event will not be counted when you are in other server. : Your alliance name will be named as own server# when you are in the other server. : Behind of admiral name, there will be added a symbol when you transfer to the other server. ※ Please don't forget the tips and be a victorious server in the world war!Thank you.

[NOTICE] Armaments Expansion Pack

Hello, Admirals!This is GM NanaWe added a new package'Armaments Expansion Pack​' which is provided the bonus rewards to alliance members through the weekly maintenance. Please check the detail below.■ Detail of the Armaments Expansion Pack■ Detail1. Inside of the Armaments Expansion Pack​, there are the rewards for the admirals who purchased and for the alliance members​.2. The purchased items will be sent to the admirals who purchased it and the alliance members​.3. The alliance members' rewards will be sent when the admirals who purchased pack received by the mailbox.■ [Armaments Expansion Pack​​ I] Rewards for the admirals who purchase itItemQuantity Event Token 10 Gold 500  Boost (5 Min) 1K  Equipment Craft Boost (5 Min) 500 Ship Build Boost (5 Min) 100 Jet Build Boost (5 Min)​ 100 AFV Build Boost (5 Min)​ 1K  Ship Upgrade Boost (5 Min) 100  Neopolymers 500 Ship Sailing Speed 10% 25  Ship Sailing Speed 20%​ 25 Rewards for the alliance membersItemQuantity Equipment Craft Boost (5 Min)​ 30 Ship Build Boost (5 Min)​ 30 Jet Build Boost (5 Min)​​ 30 AFV Build Boost (5 Min)​​ 30 Ship Upgrade Boost (5 Min)​ 30 Boost (5 Min)​ 30 ■ [Armaments Expansion Pack II] Rewards for the admirals who purchase itItemQuantity Event Token​ 50 Gold​ 2.5K Boost (5 Min)​ 5K Equipment Craft Boost (5 Min)​ 2.5K Ship Build Boost (5 Min)​ 500 Jet Build Boost (5 Min)​​ 500 AFV Build Boost (5 Min)​​ 5K Ship Upgrade Boost (5 Min)​ 500 Neopolymers​ 2.5K Ship Sailing Speed 10%​ 125 Ship Sailing Speed 20%​​ 125 Rewards for the alliance membersItemQuantity Equipment Craft Boost (5 Min)​​ 150 Ship Build Boost (5 Min)​ 150 Jet Build Boost (5 Min)​​​ 150 AFV Build Boost (5 Min)​​​ 150 Ship Upgrade Boost (5 Min)​​ 150 Boost (5 Min)​​ 150 ※ The event rewards cannot be received when you are not in the alliance.※ We are preparing to show more details of the alliance members' rewards.※ The purchased items cannot be refunded when you receive it by the mailbox.Thank you!

[NOTICE] Tips for Base of Operation Conquest!

​Hello, Admirals!This is GM NanaWe want to give you some tips for base of operation conquest and information about 'Absolute Order.'Please check the detail belowTIP 1. Attack!: Each base cannot be attacked with the certain time right after it's occupied.​ - Base of operation: 5 Min- Multipurpose Base & Missile Base: 1 Min※ If you using the limited time well, it will be good chance to turn over the war situation!TIP 2. Base!: The conquered base will be maintained even if the ships are returned.※ It will be good chance to attack other base at the same time!TIP 3. Alliance!: 24 hrs before the base of operation conquest starts, you are not allow to leave the alliance or kicked out the alliance member.※​ Based on the provided tips, we hope you to win by the base of operation conquest, and thank you for reading the notice. Absolute OrderPrizeDiscipline Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff - All Units' ATK & Durability 10%↑​Disgrace Enemy Commander - All Units' ATK & Durability​ -5%↓​ Senior Chief Petty Officer of Maintenance - AFV Repair Cost 10%↓​ Bomb Repair Facility - ​AFV Repair Cost -5%↑​​ Senior Chief Petty Officer of​ Engineering - Construction Cost & Construction Time 5%↓Disrupt Enemy Construction - Construction Cost & Time -3%↑​​Senior Chief Petty Officer of​ Logistics​ - Resource Production 10%↑ Disrupt Enemy Supply Lines​ - Resource Production​ ​​​-5%↓​ Warrant Officer of Navigation​ - Sailing Speed 20%↑​ Jam Enemy Navigation System - ​Sailing Speed ​​​-15%↓​ Director of Technology & Research - Research Time and Cost 5%↓​ EMP Enemy Research Lab - ​Research Time and Cost -3%↑​​​ ※​ The Contents are under development, so the name and details may be changed depending on the development process.※ 'Absolute Order' will be added soon and we'll announce it when 'Absolute Order' is added.Thank you!​

[Event] Special Event: Returns Admirals! (Extended)

Hello, Admirals!This is GM NanaDon't miss the chance to get check-in rewards!Please check the detail below■ Special Event: Returns Admirals1. Period: The event ends @ 6/19 @ 14:59 UTC & 07:59 PDT​​​​2. Contents: The event rewards will be sent when you check in the game during the event period3. Rewards: ItemQuantity1K Gold1030K Food150030K Iron150010K Oil7501.25K Silver15005Min Boost15005Min Construction Boost15005Min Research Boost15005Min Equipment Crafting Boost15005Min Ship Production Boost15005Min AFV Production Boost15005Min Jet Production Boost15005Min Ship Repair Boost15005Min Jet Repair Boost15005Min AFV Repair Boost15005Min Ship Upgrade Boost1500100 Stamina1015 Days Construction Slot1Super F-18H1Duke Class1 ※ The event rewards will be sent to admirals who didn't check in the game since 4/14 UTC by mailboxThank you!​​​​

[Event] Purchase Package Mission!

Hello, Admirals!This is GM NanaDon't miss the chance to receive RF-M!Please check the detail below■ Purchase Package Mission1. Period: The event will be ended ​when we announce2. Contents: The event rewards will be given when you purchase all packs3. Rewards:​ Purchase Package MissionRequirementRewardQuantity Purchase all recommend packsRF-M1 ※ Specific Packs- Starter Pack I- Starter Pack II- Admiral Pack- Boost Pack※ The event rewards will be given by mailbox when you click the receive button at the shopThank you!