Jet Tactics Profile Buff Reset

copy 09-20-23

Greetings Admirals.


The requirements for several Jet Tactics Profile Buffs have been changed during the 9/19 PDT (9/20 UTC) Maintenance.


Due to the changes in requirements, all previously acquired buffs have been reset.


If you already meet the new requirements, please go to the Hanger and reactivate the reset buffs.


We thank you for your understanding and will keep working to provide you a better gaming environment.


Thank you.​

Upgrade Breakthrough Deletion (Edited)

copy 09-11-23

Greetings Admirals,

We know that many of our Admirals are excited for the many changes that have been announced at the Development Notes.

Today, we will be giving some additional information concerning one of the changes, the “Legendary Jet Perfect Upgrade”.

The current Jet Upgrade Plus has a “Upgrade Breakthrough” feature that allows Admirals who have failed at upgrading their Jets multiple times, to achieve a guaranteed upgrade.

However, as the Perfect Upgrade for Legendary Jets will be applied after the 9/12 PDT (9/13 UTC) Maintenance, the “Upgrade Breakthrough” feature will be deactivated for Legendary Jets.

Also, we will be sending you the D&A Instructions and Jet Blueprints used for your remaining Upgrade Breakthroughs​ of each level. (Edited)

Please refer to the information above when using the Jet Upgrade Plus on Legendary Jets before the Maintenance.

We will keep working to provide you with a smooth and fun gaming experience.

Thank you.

World Zone 3 HQ Level Up Event Notice

copy 08-29-23

Greetings, Admirals!

As previously announced in the 8/29 PDT (8/30 UTC) Maintenance notice, the ‘HQ Level Up Event’ for World Zone 3 will begin.

Please remember that you must successfully reach each level during the event period within World Zone 3 to receive the rewards.

Any HQ level advancement that occurs outside of the event period will not qualify.

Please make sure that all HQ advancement (level up attempts) are completed while the event is in progress.

Thank you.

Regarding Massive League! New Season Preview

copy 08-25-23

Greetings, Admirals.

Earlier this year, before the frenzy of admirals' enthusiasm had even begun to die down,

we received special information that a new season of Gunship Battle: Total Warfare's Massive League '?' is ready to begin!

We're working restlessly to strengthen what you love and improve what you don't in order to give you a more positive gameplay experience,

so please stay tuned and stay excited.

Which Admiral will be the last to laugh in victory in these dynamic seas?


We'll be announcing more dates and details in future announcements, so stay tuned.

As always, we'll do our best to keep our Admirals entertained.

Thank you.

Regarding improvements to Special Skills and Active Buffs

copy 08-25-23

We're excited to announce upcoming improvements to combat elements that can give you an advantage in battle, Active Buffs, and Special Skills.

<Active Buffs>

Effects that reduce abilities for a certain period of time, such as [Carrier Unable to Move], [Unable to Repair Carrier], [Unable to Repair Ship].

<Special Skills>

Effects that can be applied to enemies in Base of Operation Alliance, such as [Rally Disruption], [Disable Scouts], or [Resource Harvest Disruption].

Active Buffs and Special Skills applied to Admirals will persist across Servers, and we've found that their long duration can be frustrating after a battle has ended.

We'll be improving the way Active Buffs and Special Skills by removing them when you switch Servers to allow you to utilize different battle strategies and minimize inconvenience.

More details will be announced in future announcements.
※ Additional improvements may be made as development progresses.

We will continue to work hard to improve Gunship Battle: Total Warfare and take into consideration your feedback.

Thank you.​

Regarding the addition of automatic login on PC platform

copy 08-10-23

We know that many of you play Gunship Battle: Total Warfare on PC as well as mobile devices.

With our latest update, we're continuing to make improvements to make the PC version more enjoyable, including the addition of hotkeys.

We're also constantly looking at improvements to the PC version that have been suggested through our official community and support center.

On August 9th, we added automatic login for the PC version, which has been a high priority for us, and we'd like to introduce it in detail to our Admirals here.

Previously, if you completely quit the PC version, you had to go through the login process again.

With the new 'Maintain Login Status' feature at the bottom of the user login popup, you can now access the game without having to log in again even if you've closed the PC version.

We hope that this new feature will make it easier for you to use the PC version of the game.

※ To protect your game account, we recommend using it on a personal PC environment.

Download the PC version [Link]

We look forward to hearing your suggestions and promise that we will continue to work hard to make Gunship Battle: Total Warfare as enjoyable as possible for our admirals.

Thank you.

Regarding Preseason Rule Changes

copy 08-09-23

Greetings, Admirals.

Since the preseason rule changes went into effect on Saturday, July 15th, many of our Admirals have been participating in World War and providing us with valuable feedback through our surveys.

We've been carefully reviewing the World War history since the last rule change, as well as the feedback we've received, and based on your feedback, we're making some improvements to the Preseason rules.

Among other changes, we're making adjustments to building Airstrike limits and carrier relaunch wait times.

Please see below for more details on these changes.

1. Tighter Building Airstrike limits

Since our last preseason rule change, we've taken a closer look at Admirals' World War performance and found that there are situations where Airstrikes can significantly reduce the durability of the occupying force's ships, making it easier than expected to capture buildings.

Admirals who were looking forward to a truly epic battle between fleets may have been disappointed by the impact of this damage reduction.

In this rule change, we're reducing the number of Airstrikes and cooldowns on buildings to improve the situation in which Airstrikes can be used to capture buildings, allowing for greater strategic diversity.

2. Rebalancing Aircraft Carrier Redeployment time

In the last preseason rule change, we shortened Aircraft Carrier launch times, but we've received feedback from many admirals about how Aircraft Carrier redployment cooldowns can be limiting in combat.

In particular, we've heard from low-level Admirals that it's difficult for them to be active when their Aircraft Carrier's durability reaches 0. We're adjusting the cooldown to no longer apply in the 15,000-point range, so that Admirals with relatively low power can still be active.

However, in the 40,000 point range and above, the cooldown will be slightly increased to prevent players from having to relaunch too often.

As always, we appreciate your interest and support during the preseason, and we look forward to listening to your feedback to help us make World War III a more complete experience.

Thank you.​

Regarding hotkey functionality for the PC version

copy 07-24-23

Greetings Admirals.

We are pleased to announce that the PC version of the game will be receiving an update on Wednesday, July 26th.

It will add hotkeys to make your experience even faster and easier!

Previously, the PC version only had shortcuts for the menus at the bottom, allowing you to quickly access each with a set key.

In the update on Wednesday, July 26th, we'll be adding more detailed shortcuts to the Alliance, Inventory, Mail, Admiral Details, and other menus for even more convenience.

※ You can find the shortcuts by pressing F1, and for more information, check out the July 26th Update Maintenance Notice.

The resolution adjustment feature for the PC version is in the process of being perfected, and we will notify you as soon as it is available.

In addition to the 'Hotkey Function' that will be added in this update,

the 'PC Resolution Adjustment' feature will also be available as a convenient feature.

Please bear in mind that updates to the PC platform will continue to be made as we go, so we hope you'll give it a try.

​ [Download the PC version]

Thank you.

Regarding partial changes to the Preseason Rules

copy 07-13-23

Hello Admirals,


Many admirals have sent us valuable opinions through a survey on the newly revised preseason rules.


We have read all the opinions you have submitted on the revised preseason rules, and we want to create a better preseason rule by reflecting the voices of the admirals.


We will first make adjustments to the items that have received the most opinions. Please see the detailed changes below.


1. Reduction of the Redeployment time for the Aircraft Carrier to re-launch

One of the opinions that had a large share in the survey results was that the waiting time for the Aircraft Carrier to redeploy should be reduced.


The gap caused by the redeployment for the Aircraft Carrier is larger than expected, so we want to shorten the redeployment time.


2. Adjustment of Base Conquer points

The opinion that the World War ends too quickly as the difficulty of scoring points is greatly reduced compared to the past has been sent.


We want to change the number of points earned per minute for the remaining bases except for the Control Base, and to slightly increase the points that decrease when the base is conquered by the enemy, so that you can enjoy the World War smoothly.


We are always thinking about how to repay the support and attention you have sent us, and we will do our best so that you can always enjoy the game through continuous change and effort.


Thank you.​

Regarding the pre-season rule change

copy 07-07-23

Hello Admirals,

The new pre-season rules have been applied to the game as of 6/28.

We would like to hear your thoughts on these new rules and feedback on how they can be improved.


Q. Why did you change the cooldown for aircraft carriers to re-deploy?

A. The new pre-season rules have been applied to the game. When an aircraft carrier returns to port with less than 100% durability, all aircraft carriers will now have a cooldown before they can be re-deployed.

This change was made to address the issue of players being able to immediately re-deploy a different aircraft carrier after their original aircraft carrier was defeated, which led to prolonged battles and a decrease in the strategic depth of the game. We believe that this change will make the game more strategic and enjoyable for all players.


Q. Why did you change the function of the control system base?

A. The control system base in the previous World War had a strong conquest benefit that greatly increased the score earned when it was captured. However, it was difficult to strategically use this benefit when the base was captured by the enemy.

If you are not in a clear power advantage, the control system base is not as valuable as a strategic element. Therefore, we changed the capture effect of the control system base and removed the risk of taking the base.

In addition, the conquest effect has been further strengthened so that Admirals can use the capture of the control system base as a very important strategic element.

We hope that the control system base, which has been improved in utilization, will lead to more diverse and strategic tactics.


[Survey link]


Thank you for your continued support of Gunship Battle: Total Warfare. We will continue to work hard to make the game more enjoyable for all of our admirals.


Thank you.​