Regarding the Weekly Buff Display Issue

copy 03-30-23

Greetings, Admirals.


The [Construction Speed +300%] Buff and [Construction Cost Reduction +15%] Buff had initially been included as part of our 3/30 PDT (3/31 UTC) Weekly Buff Event.


We would like to inform you that even though [Construction Speed +300%] Buff is given during the Buff Event, the Buffs listed in your Active Buff List may appear as two separate buffs, notated as 250% and 50%.


Please note that the full 300% buff effect will be correctly reflected in-game, even if the corresponding buff(s) appears separately.


We sincerely apologize for any confusion caused by this display error and we will apply the fix during the upcoming Maintenance. The buff will be properly displayed afterwards.

We will do our absolute best to provide the stable gaming environment for our Admirals.

Thank you.​​

Promo Code to Celebrate the Arrival of the USS Nimitz at Busan Naval Base

copy 03-30-23

Hello, Admirals!

On March 27th PDT (March 28th UTC), the USS Nimitz, a Nimitz Class Carrier Strike Group; better known as the 'floating military base', made port of call at the naval base in the port city of Busan. This was to mark the 70th Anniversary of the US-South Korea alliance and in conjunction with the start of a large-scale military exercise by the two naval forces.

In celebration of this occasion, we have created a special coupon for our Admirals!

We are very excited to welcome the USS Nimitz to Busan. 
We hope to see our Admirals thrive in Gunship Battle: Total Warfare aboard their own Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carriers! 

1. Promo Code:    WELCOME NIMITZ

2. Rewards

※ This promo code is valid until 23-04-30, 7:59 PDT (14:59 UTC).
※ The promo code can only be redeemed once per account.

Thank you.

Regarding Sea Map Display Anomaly

copy 03-23-23

Hello, Admirals.


We have confirmed that an Armada Fleet display anomaly was affecting the Sea Map after the update on 3/21 PDT (3/22 UTC).


The fix needed to resolve the issue affecting the number of Armada Fleets displayed on the Sea Map was applied via Server Reboot on 3/23 at 01:00 PDT (08:00 UTC).


As a gesture of appreciation from our team, we will be sending some Stamina items to our Admirals.
※ The Compensation will be provided only for Admirals in World Zone 1 and 2.


However, we have identified an additional anomaly where Armada Fleets and Resource Islands are still spawning in one, specific area. We will get to the bottom of this matter and apply the necessary fix with the upcoming maintenance.


Please note that the location of the Armada Fleet responsible for the display issue, and the interval at which the affected Resource Islands appear may be adjusted after the fix is applied.  


We sincerely apologize for the trouble caused by this anomaly and kindly ask for your understanding as we work to apply the fix as soon as possible.


Thank you.​​

Regarding the Update on 3/21 PDT (3/22 UTC)

copy 03-23-23

Hello, Admirals.

We would like to inform our Admirals about the [Daily Mission Point Shop] revamp details that were applied with the latest update.
Some of the rewards have been replaced with the [Jet Supply Order (Normal)], an option which offers a broader range of Jet possibilities.


We genuinely value the feedback our Admirals provide. Even in cases where the feedback isn’t always positive, and with that, we will continue to make every effort to provide content that resonates with our Admirals and continue our best to provide the best gaming experience.


That said, we would like to apologize for the lack of communication regarding the update on 3/21 PDT (3/22 UTC). This update has been something that many of our Admirals have been looking forward to. Not providing adequate information and contributing to any undue confusion isn’t acceptable, and we know that we have to do better.

As a token of our sincere appreciation for all your dedication and patience, we have sent a care package as compensation via in-game mail to all of the Admirals affected (World Zones 1 and 2). If you haven’t yet, please claim the package when you can.


※ Please note that the compensation will be provided only to the Admirals in World Zone 1 and 2.

Thank you.​

Regarding [Battle Pass: Operation First Bloom] Skin Reward Change

copy 03-22-23

Hello, Admirals.

We would like to address the nature of some changes that were applied to the Battle Pass Skin, originally intended to be applied during the Maintenance on 3/21 PDT (3/22 UTC).

The Battle Pass Skin associated with the [Battle Pass: Operation First Bloom] was originally intended to be introduced with the recent update, but due to an unforeseen error attributed to functional compatibility of the Skin (technical details attributed to the error are still being investigated), in addition to the fact that the time and resources needed to apply a critical fix were not realistic, we have decided to exchange the Skin for Premium Rewards of comparable value.

We sincerely apologize to our Admirals who were looking forward to the upcoming Skin. We will do better going forward, 

Please check in-game for the list of updated Rewards. Details and related information via our Notice Board.  

Thank you.​

Introducing the New [World Zone 3]!

copy 03-20-23

Greetings, Admirals!


We are thrilled to announce that the New [World Zone 3] will open on March 21st PDT (March 22nd UTC)!


As World Zone 3 has a different introduction period from the existing World Zone 1 and 2, the balance based on the Server age will be applied separately.


Game progression and value of in-game items in World Zone 3 will have the balanced adjusted when compared to World Zone 1 & 2. The balance will include various types of Units that can be produced, obtainable Unit types, in-game Packs and items, Events and Rewards.


Please note that, the early stages of the game progression, the maximum levels of Admiral HQ & Armada Fleets will be unlocked based on the maximum level available for World Zone 3, similar to World Zone 1 &2.  


We sincerely appreciate all the continued support and love. We cant wait to see our Admirals strive in the new World Zone 3!


Thank you.​

Regarding the Opening of a New World

copy 03-15-23

Greeting, Admirals!

Today, we had an opportunity to show you our new content through the update on March 14th PDT (March 15th UTC).


In addition, we would like to announce the opening of new World.


The opening schedule will be posted in our upcoming notice, so please stay tuned for updates and continue to support us.


Thank you. ​

White Day Promo Code

copy 03-14-23

Hello, Admirals!

Happy White Day!
We hope our Admirals are having a wonderfully sweet White Day.
To celebrate, our team has prepared a special promo code.

Please see the details below.

1. Promo Code:    SWEET CANDY

2. Rewards

※ This promo code is valid until 23-03-31, 7:59 PDT (14:59 UTC).
※ The promo code can only be redeemed once per account.

Thank you.

Regarding Upcoming Improvements

copy 03-13-23

Hello, Admirals!

We have received a great deal of invaluable feedback and suggestions from our Admirals regarding the recent Development Note and the upcoming improvement plans.

Today, we would like to briefly go over the upcoming improvements.

1. Improvement of CSG Reserves.
As mentioned in the January Development Notes, a new feature, [Reserve Forces Depository], will be added to the [CSG Reserves]. This feature will be unlocked when CSG Reserves building reaches Lv. 33. Once unlocked, you will be able to store more Units. Units docked in the additional slot will not be reflected in the overall CP.

2. In-game Mailbox Text Improvements
[Select All] text will be removed and [Read and Claim All] & [Delete Selected Mail] texts will be added as Mail options to help Admirals better utilize the Mail functions.

3. Inventory Category Reorganization
The content, items and all things within your in-game Inventory will be reorganized by categories, allowing Admirals to maintain a more structured and organized presentation of their items.

4. Player Provided Improvements and Fixes  

Suggestions, feedback, and errors reports provided by our Admirals via our Customer Support channel are read and assessed daily. Though an “update”, fix or content rework will always be a daunting task to take, we are continuously working on implementing new features and improvements in the game.

Our goal is to provide a game space where our Admirals can enjoy every aspect of the game.

We welcome your continued support, feedback, and suggestions as it guides us to advance Gunship Battle: Total Warfare to be the best it can be.


Thank you.​

[WWL 2.0] 1st Match Result and Schedule for Announcement of MAS

copy 03-03-23

Hello, Admiral!

We are currently preparing to announce the results of the WWL 2.0 1st Match that took place on 2/24 PST (2/25 UTC). However, during the process of preparing the announcement for the match results, it may take a little more time. 

We would like to inform you that the results of 1st Match and MAS will be announced on 3/3 PST (3/4 UTC). We kindly ask for your patience and understanding during this time.

We appreciate the tremendous interest shown by all admirals in WWL 2.0 and hope that you will enjoy the upcoming announcement.

Thank you.