Regarding CSG Reserves Preset

copy 01-18-23

Hello, Admirals!

Since introducing the [CSG Reserves Preset] feature with the update on 1/17 PST (1/18 UTC), we’ve received lots of questions and feedback from our Admirals.
We love that our Admirals can provide feedback and ask questions to such a degree, and we’d like to touch base on some of the more frequently asked questions.  

1. The required level to unlock [CSG Reserves Preset]
: You will need CSG Reserves Lv.20 to unlock [CSG Reserves Preset]. This feature is available at the [CSG Reserves] building, located in your Base.

2. The number of available [CSG Reserves Presets]
: The number of available [CSG Reserves Presets] corresponds to the number of deployable Fleets which can be checked on the left side of the game screen.

3. [Preset Units Excluded] Feature in [CSG Reserves Presets]
: If the [Preset Units Exclude] checkbox is selected, only the remaining Units will be displayed.



4. The Reset of the previously saved Preset Settings

: As mentioned in the recent Weekly Maintenance & Update Announcement on 1/17 PST (1/18 UTC), the previously saved Preset settings have been reset after the Maintenance. 

We ask for your patience and understanding as we will provide our Admirals with more detailed guidelines regarding this new feature. 

Also, please continue to send us any feedback and suggestions as this helps guide us in being able to better progress the advancement of Gunship Battle: Total Warfare! 

Thank you.

Regarding the Current State of Chat Emojis

copy 01-18-23

Hello, Admirals!


Some [Emoji]s in the Chat have been either changed or removed since the maintenance on 1/17 PST (1/18 UTC). 

We have prepared a Client Update to fix the issues and anomalies affecting the Chat feature/function after the Maintenance on 1/17 PST (1/18 UTC). Please refer to the details in the following notice: ▶ Measures Taken to the Confirmed Anomalies After the Maintenance on 1/17 PST [Link]


We ask for your patience and understanding as we are preparing some new [Emoji]s.


We will do our absolute best to provide the best, stable gaming environment for our Admirals.


Thank you.​

Happy New Year 2023

copy 01-01-23

Hello, Admirals!

The 5th New Year is already on the horizon with the Admirals.

On the first day of the new year, we had time to look back on the memories we shared with the Admirals.

Thanks to the Admiral's support, the Gunship Battle: Total Warfare has stood the test of time and was able to progress forward.

We promise to strive to bring Admirals joyful memories in 2023.

We wish you good health and prosperity in the new year.

Thank you.

Thank you to the Admirals for being with us in 2022

copy 12-30-22

Hello, Admirals!

Our journey in the year 2022 with the Admirals is coming to an end.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Admirals as we welcome in the new year.

Thanks to your constant support and constructive feedback, Gunship Battle: Total Warfare has been progressing through the year 2022.

We will do our absolute best to provide the best gaming environment for our Admirals in 2023.

The upcoming year 2023 is said to be the Year of the Black Rabbit.

We hope that the luck of the rabbit's four-leaf clover will always stay by the Admiral's side.

Thank you!

Regarding the World War System

copy 12-21-22

Hello, Admirals!


Since the last time we discussed the adjustments applied to the [World War], we have received lots of feedback from our Admirals, and we cannot say enough about how much we appreciate all who participated in the World War “Opinion Event.”


After carefully reviewing the feedback provided, we’ve used that feedback to drive the point in our planning and discussions, we have decided to continue the [World War] as single-round matches. [Pre-Season] will also proceed as scheduled. ​​​


We will work diligently to prepare this content to provide our Admirals with a more enjoyable [World War] in-game experience; doing all we can to ensure the World War content becomes more meaningful for everyone.


We will provide more details in the following Development Note.  


We genuinely appreciate your constant support and interest in Gunship Battle: Total Warfare. We will always do our best to listen to our Admirals, the feedback you provide, and develop content that our players will enjoy.


Thank you.


The [Opinion Event] for the World War has ended on December 21, 14:59 PST (December 21, 06:59 UTC)

Event rewards will be sent to in-game mail in order and reward distribution date may differ depending on the situation.


Regarding Special Supply Item

copy 12-14-22

Hello Admirals,

We are aware that many of you have been very curious about the [Jet Supply Order (Advanced)] item that was distributed as a reward for the [End of the Year Check-In Event], which began after the Maintenance on 12/6 PST (12/7 UTC).

An update, which will allow you to use the item, will be applied on 12/20 PST (12/21 UTC). We kindly ask for your understanding and appreciate your patience. 

We hope that the new update brings excitement to our Admirals.

Thank you.

Special Bulletin Board 'News' Open

copy 11-23-22

Hello, Admirals!

We are greeting you through the special bulletin board, 'News'.

We will listen your precious opinions and give you a variety of news.

Thank you.